Making Gourmet Choices in Every Area of Your Life

Release Stress and Anxiety
Heal Lifelong Emotional Trauma
Reverse a Physical or Emotional Condition

Do you want to dissolve the fear around ageing and be the best you can be at any age?

What if you could find and maintain your natural weight easily?

How much younger would you look with a radiant complexion and firmer skin?

Do you want to rediscover your sensuality?

What would it mean to you to increase your sexual energy?

Do you know how to naturally balance your hormones?

What kind of nutrition does it take to strengthen your eyesight?

A profound healing journey to restore full and healthy equilibrium involves making several decisions, along with a commitment to new actions and protocols. We all deserve to develop as humans and to evolve into the most authentic version of ourselves.

My work is dedicated to creating the best natural environment within the body so that the body’s own powerful healing process is activated and supported in every way. As it is your inner wisdom that I help you to nurture and really receive. Your decisions become easier to make, having released trauma, emotional toxicity, fatigue and brain fog.

Following an initial telephone conversation, you may wish to continue with a 60 minute online consultation. These are available, by appointment at £95.

Bespoke Healing Sessions

For many years I have been working with very powerful healing techniques to bring harmony to the body and mind. Drawing on ancient, natural healing that works outside of conventional attitudes and making them highly relevant to real life now. 

Our bodies are always rebalancing and healing from dis ease. Yet we all store trauma, pain, disappointment and more at the cellular level.

In fact, our bodies hold on to every single life experience and store them at our deepest level. Even when we think we have dealt with a negative experience, it may have been partly released by tears, tantrums and talking, in reality, most of it is held in every single one of our trillions of cells. 

In fact, as we are conceived and born, we come into the world not only with our own pure blueprint for life, we also come in with the cellular memories of our parents and the somewhat more distilled cellular memories of our grandparents and those of previous generations.  So a large amount of the emotions we actually process through our lives are not even our own … no wonder that confusion reigns and the world often does not make sense to us! 

If emotional damage is not released it becomes highly toxic and leads to cellular degeneration.  This manifests in a number of ways, from addictions, inappropriate anger, destructive behaviour to levels of fear that hold us back in life, stopping us being authentic and achieving our fullest potential.  It is also exhausting to hold on to all of this damage.  Ultimately, life-threatening disease can develop as a result of an emotional root that has been allowed to become rampant.  Especially within the toxic soup that our bodies can easily become in 21st-century life.

Pharmaceutical drugs only mask the symptoms, create dreadful side effects and drive the problem deeper into the cellular memory. 

Surgery may successfully remove the physical signs, for a while. The traumatic emotional root still remains though and the problem will reveal itself again, perhaps in a different part of the body and in a more aggressive way … all this after such a hugely invasive experience and long recovery time. 

What to Expect

During the session, I guide you into a gentle meditation whilst you are lying down. It is best to wear comfortable clothing so that you can breathe easily and deeply. Then, when you are ready, you can explore your cellular memories in a safe, confidential and sacred space whilst I help you to make sense of what comes up to be dealt with.  

You may be surprised by what emerges when you allow thoughts to be released and focus entirely on what is happening in your body, rather than in your mind. You then release swathes of unwanted, destructive and toxic memories. Thus freeing the space that they formerly occupied to be filled by a glorious and energising sense of peaceful wellbeing. 

A different, higher vibrational energy then flows through you. 

You have a sense of freedom and are more in control, at the core of your being. Having liberated yourself from the negative emotions that were slowing you down, holding you back and leading to toxic disease, whether potential or actual. You also reclaim your energy and enthusiasm to create the life that you want. 

You have started to create the environment within your body where disease cannot exist and your body has access to the resources it needs to heal itself. 

Notwithstanding all of the above, it is actually a very liberating process and has more to do with deep relaxation and getting out of your head and into your body … and it is my job to ensure that you do so!

Select Your Healing Session

Bespoke Healing Sessions are held either in Central London, in Derbyshire or in your own home. 

When working in your home we will need a quiet, peaceful area, privacy and space for you to lie down, either a sofa or a bed and pillows or cushions, also blankets or a duvet to keep you warm. I will bring everything else. 

These sessions are best taken on a day when you are away from work or other commitments as it is important to rest afterwards.  They are 3 to 4 hours in duration. We follow up with a phone or online call the next day and another a few days later. 

There is also a bespoke option of full support for one or more months, this is especially relevant when coping with a serious diagnosis. 

This comprises of the 3 to 4 hour session, as outlined above and includes bespoke, practical nutritional support. You may be amazed by the profound relationship between your food choices and how they affect every area of your life. As a Vibrant Gourmet client, you are nurtured and supported in creating the optimum conditions for your body to thrive. So that long term issues such as migraine, depression, asthma, candida, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue as well as more advanced conditions simply fade away.  

This programme inspires and supports you to create the environment in which your health span can equal your lifespan. 

There are also individually channelled guided meditations and four 60 to 90 minute follow up consultations. This complete package is for one month. 

Longer experiences are available and your programme may be extended month by month. 

Personal Retreats

Many people express their desire to stay with me and immerse themselves in their healing process for several days. I host personal retreats in Central London, in Derbyshire and at the client’s home, for individuals and couples, extending from three nights. 

All of your specialised, organic juices, smoothies and meals are demonstrated, prepared and cooked for you as part of the experience.

You will experience the bespoke healing session as outlined above on your first or second day, according to arrival times. Depending on the length of your stay you will also receive some or all of the content and support in the monthly option. You will also have 3 hours with me each day for the remainder of the retreat in deep healing and energy medicine, plant-based food and nutrition along with advice and support on protocols and practices to hasten and enhance your healing.

Timings are flexible and we arrange each session and each day to suit and allow plenty of time for gentle exercise, walks and rest. All dependent upon what feels right for you.

For couples there are plenty of opportunities to share in the experiences, especially concerning food and lifestyle medicine. Naturally, the bespoke healing sessions are deeply personal and I respectfully request that your partner is away from the space during these time. 

Additional extras are your travel, hotel accommodation (where appropriate) nutritional supplements, oxygen therapy and activities other than outlined above.

Personal Retreats in your own home are individually designed and further details are available upon request. 

Food supplements, bio-nutrients, tonic herbs and other lifestyle support equipment may be purchased separately.   

It would be my honour to work with you. In choosing to work with me you are investing in the quality of the rest of your life. If you have any questions at all, please arrange a preliminary chat … every question is welcome and every detail will be fine-tuned to suit you. 

About Chrissy White

Chrissy White is based in London’s Harley Street and has over 20 years of experience in the healing arts.

She specialises in powerful Shamanic Healing techniques to release trauma and deeply held stress, bringing a natural balance to the body, mind and soul. 

Chrissy is a Shamanic Healer and Soul Retrieval Specialist, a Usui Reiki Master, a Brain Solutions Practitioner and a teacher of Heart Rhythm Meditation. She is also an inspirational teacher of plant-based nutrition and hosts luxury retreats. 

Comments from my recent clients…

“My only regret is that I didn’t have the sessions with Chrissy sooner. I now have an appetite for life that has been missing for many years. Friends comment that I look younger and I certainly feel much more energised. is is amazing and really powerful. My extreme stress and high anxiety have melted away, this beats months of therapy!”

F M ~ Head of Media Corporation, London & Washington DC

~ ~ ~

“Thank you for the session. I found the experience life-changing and spiritual. I felt so relaxed after the treatment that I cancelled all of my meetings that evening. It is one of the most positive experiences I have ever had.”

Biju Ramakrishnan ~ Property Developer, London

~ ~ ~

“This woman will change your life for the better. I donʼt know how she does it”

E B ~ Business Woman, London

~ ~ ~

“My personal re-tuning session with Chrissy was absolutely fabulous! Her calm, wise and intuitive approach is extremely powerful and after just one session I felt calm, grounded and carefree … It was as if she re-balanced me energetically. You must try it!”

Shona Rowan ~ Business Psychologist, London

~ ~ ~

“Within 2.5 hours I experienced the same level of DEEP rejuvenation as I would have done after a 4-day retreat at Shrubland Hall.”

Mynoo Blackbyrn ~ Company Director, Perth, Australia

~ ~ ~

“After the first session, I floated home feeling as though Iʼd had two blissful weeks holiday!”

Anne Malone ~ Composer & Musician, London

~ ~ ~

“Prior to meeting Chrissy I had been struggling for several years with past trauma.  After several hours working with her in healing, I felt like I had released something hugely significant in my life.  Her calmness and warm voice helped me through a very painful release and I have felt much lighter since our session together.  She is there at the end of the phone should I need her as things inevitably crop up as time moves forward.  I am following her meditation daily which I find extremely calming and energising at the same time.”

Sue De Cesare ~  Executive Director, London

Feedback following a Personal Retreats…

I am an active male in my mid-sixties and was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer on 3rd December 2018. I was offered surgery 12 days later to remove my thyroid gland together with some lymph nodes.

I booked the surgery but was determined not to proceed: I wanted to know about alternatives.  I immediately resolved that from that moment I would move in to research mode and find out more. To start I found a book on cancer clinics in Germany and noted the various therapies being offered. I established contact with a number of clinics worldwide. I worked quickly and I was very frightened. 

I had met Chrissy several years earlier through good friends. We reconnected and Chrissy quite quickly reassured me that the non-surgical healing route is possible provided I make major life changes. I was willing to do what it takes as I am not a victim and was very keen to deal with the causes of this cancer and not just the symptoms.

It was after a long trauma-release session with Chrissy at my home that the thought occurred to me about spending several days with Chrissy on retreat, so that I could be well prepared for the huge challenge ahead.

About a week later I drove to Derby to stay in Chrissy’s quiet, warm, centrally-located cottage.  The next week was magical for me in my transformation to focus most of my attention to healing myself. If anyone thinks plant-based food is dull then they haven’t tasted Chrissy’s incredible delights. 

There were several sessions with shamanic healing and deep meditations.  It was an important week of immersion for me as I was still scared and needed much hand-holding in defying medical advice and choosing a number of strict protocols to heal myself. Chrissy did everything possible in the week to help me to balance these new protocols and ensured that I was very well prepared.  I’m not sure I would have taken this challenge without having Chrissy’s help.

SR  ~  London